INVEST IN MY AFRICA is an initiative whose aim is to effectively promote investment opportunities from all over Africa around the world.
It is an initiative of TLL CORPORATION, a company incorporated under Ivorian law and operating worldwide. From large public projects to private projects including small, social projects, INVEST IN MY AFRICA takes into account everything related to this sector which is one of the keys to the development of African countries.
It is a branch of AFRICA INVESTMENT AND DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM, a major initiative to promote development for Africa. Collection, study detection and assembly of projects, transformation of investment opportunities into viable projects, fundraising…..


We will proceed to the gradual opening of branches by country across Africa thanks to the initiative WORLD AFRICA TOUR. INVEST IN MY AFRICA is based on different multilingual supports :

  • Virtual (web platforms, mobile application, etc.),
  • A set of online news magazines,
  • A set of magazines in paper format by country or area,
  • Web magazines
  • One call center per country

We deploy proven expertise and a successful strategy on the ground to capture the best investment opportunities on the one hand and serious investors on the other wishing to inject capital in Africa and elsewhere.

  • You are a consortium of investors, business, businessman, etc.
  • You want to invest in Ivory Coast or elsewhere in Africa (Road Infrastructure, Public Works, Construction, Real Estate, Electricity, Hydraulics, Mines and Energies, Agriculture, etc.)…,
  • We specialize in networking with economic operators, business leaders and heads of public and private administration, for a Public Private Partnership (PPP),
  • We can prospect for you markets, and business opportunities in Ivory Coast and other African countries.
  • We put at your disposal different strategic tools, real compasses for your decisions in matters of investment in Africa and beyond.

Do not hesitate tocontact-us for further information.